Musings after Saturday's triple-header

After you sit through 243 minutes of high school soccer in one day things get a little blurry, but I’ll give it a shot…

– I know it’s the right way to go, but I honestly hate the “prevent defense” in any sport. With a 1-nil lead, the Analy boys “packed it in” against Marin Catholic and came within 5 minutes of making it work. But MC scored and then won in the first OT. Analy was actually outplaying their hosts early on just attacking as they usually do. Wonder what would have happened had they continued that style the rest of the game?

– OK, we are choosing sides in a pickup game with the Santa Rosa High boys roster. I get first pick. Give me Diego Leon. Other players on that team get the headlines, Leon is the engine that makes the Panthers go. If some how you can limit his touches on the ball you might win. And the operative word here is “might.”

– Windsor’s girls and the Jags’ star player Halley Palmer never got into the flow of things against the Rosa girls. But it is a certainty Palmer will be an excellent collegiate player. Rumor is that she is going to either San Diego State or the University of San Diego. She has the best left foot I’ve seen since Danielle Spann graced the Montgomery High turf.

– Costly venture. Hey, I know that economic times are tough, but 9 bucks to walk in the gate? Seriously. I think you can get a ticket to a Giants game for that and I know most college soccer games are only 5 bucks. For a mom and dad to see little Johnny play soccer for 80 minutes they are giving up at least a bag of groceries.

– Officiating will always be questioned, but in the three games I saw it was better than average. Although I must say, if the officials at the MC/Analy game really were MCAL officials I must admit that didn’t make much sense no matter how good they were.

– Coach Nikki of the SR girls was so sick Saturday she let her assistant take the lead role of hollering out instructions to the field. Didn’t matter, as it turned out the Panthers didn’t need a whole lot of coaching during the contest.

– Tough night for Windsor, boys and girls both lost; good night for Rosa, both boys and girls advanced.

– All four No. 1 seeds (Marin Catholic and Marin Academy, boys; Montgomery and Sonoma Academy, girls) are still alive. In fact all four tournaments have the Nos. 1 & 2 seeds still competing. And in the Div. III boys field the top four seeds comprise the Final Four. Job well done, NCS.

– Where will I go on Wednesday? Well, only because it starts at 5 p.m., I’ll go watch a half of the Sonoma Academy/Clear Lake girls semi, although I don’t expect it to be close. Then it’s either off to see Elsie Allen battle the Marin Catholic boys or the Maria Carrillo at Casa Grande girls game. Both of those games should be entertaining.

– And, yes, a Puma player received two yellow (a soft red) in the girls win over Petaluma. But, according to NCS rules, she will be allowed to play on Wednesday against the Casa Grande Gauchos.