Girls' basketball rankings

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
These rankings ran in Wednesday’s paper and were put together prior to Tuesday night’s games. With that in mind, I’m hoping the Santa Rosa girls’ basketball team will forgive me for its No. 4 ranking. The Panthers beat Maria Carrillo — a team I ranked No. 2 — 39-25 on Tuesday night. Sorry, ladies.

LARGE SCHOOLS (Records as Jan. 11)
1. Ursuline (6-6): Don’t let the record fool you — Bears have played rugged non-league schedule.
2. Maria Carrillo (9-3): Pumas limited seven of their first 12 opponents to fewer than 32 points.
3. Casa Grande (10-3): Gauchos have 4-0 record vs. NBL teams.
4. Santa Rosa (8-5): Once-moribund Panthers seeking second straight winning season.
5. Analy (6-5): Tsurmoto averaging 19.1 points to lead Tigers.

1. Cloverdale (13-2): Eagles entered the week on an 11-game winning streak.
2. St. Helena (11-3): Saints entered week with nine wins in their past 10 games.
3. St. Vincent (11-3): Mustangs boast two wins over Sonoma Academy, the defending Division VI champs.
4. Willits (8-6): Wolverines have win against St. Vincent — and narrow loss to St. Helena.
5. Rincon Valley Christian (6-4): Eagles have prepped for league with tough preseason schedule.