How to play at Cardinal Newman? It's simple

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
I had a basketball problem in high school. I could jump, but not real high. I could move, but not real fast. And I could shoot, but not real well. This proved to be too much to overcome.
If only I could have played at Cardinal Newman, where I think my nonstop hustle, better-than-average defense (OK, I tried really hard) and countless floor burns might have earned me at least a few minutes of playing time.
I don’t mean to suggest that Newman’s players besides top scorers Bobby Sharp and Xavier McCall possess my skill level — that, of course, would be unkind and insulting — but the rest of Newman’s crew distinguishes itself by playing lockdown defense, boxing out, finding the open man, scrapping for loose balls and basically being a complete nuisance to the opponent.
The Cardinals in the shadows — guys like Jamie Ford, Tim Moreno, Andy Noonan and Ryan Cousins — seem to happily accept their roles. Maybe because if they don’t, the next guy on the bench will fill it.
“If they don’t guard, they don’t play and they know it too,” Cardinals coach Tom Bonfigli said. “If you want to stay in the game, play hard and play defense. If you miss a good shot, you can stay in the game. But if you don’t want to guard anybody you can’t stay in the game. It’s simple.”