You can REALLY see the girls finals

Yes, it’s true YSN360 under the leadership of Dave Cox and of course all the sponsors of the North Coast Section finals, will bring you Saturday’s two (Divs. I and III) girls finals via JumboTron.

The Big Big screens will be set up at opposite ends of the field at Santa Rosa High and you’ll be able to watch the game, replays and crowd shots while you are enjoying the games.

Maybe that is just another reason all four games probably should have been held at one neutral site. But, the Marin Catholic boys were the rightful No. 1 Div. I seed and they deserve something for that so the two boys finals will be played, sans JumboTrons, at Marin Catholic.

Of course, if you are an avid high school soccer fan, you can catch pretty much all of the four championship games just like Corner Kicks is planning to do.