A confession: The All-Empire football teams are delayed

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
As a general rule growing up, I would put off telling my dad bad news until Friday evening when he got home from work. At that time, much of the stress and worries of his week were gone, his Saturday morning tee time beckoned and, as a result, his face didn’t get quite as crimson when I mentioned that, oh by the way, dad, I got a D+ on my geometry test!
My dad is not a big drinker, but if he happened to stop by the Elephant Bar’s happy hour before coming home Friday evening, well, that was the most opportune time to confess any wrongdoing — even stuff I was planning to do in the future. (Dad, I should probably mention now that I’ll be staying out well past curfew tonight and sneaking back in the house through my bedroom window so you and mom can’t hear me and …).
Anyway, it’s presently Friday afternoon and I’m hoping that the readers of this blog, like my dad, are in good the-weekend-is-almost-here spirits because I have some semi-unpleasant news: The All-Empire football teams won’t be running this Sunday.
Yes, I know, I wrote in a previous blog that the Empire teams would be unveiled this weekend. But I did use the word “tentatively” because, you know, stuff happens.
And it has.
Here’s the deal: We’re still taking photos of the various Empire players of the year in all fall sports, a process that gets complicated with many of those athletes now involved in winter sports, or taking recruiting trips or, in some cases, living two hours away from Santa Rosa.
So to avoid penning another mea culpa, I will just say that the All-Empire football teams will run within the next two weeks.
My apologies and, hopefully, your faces aren’t too red.