Rowland, McMillan and the 3-point shot

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
After Robby Rowland passed Craig McMillan as Cloverdale’s all-time boys’ scoring leader this week, a faithful reader pointed out that McMillan scored 2,307 points without a benefit Rowland has enjoyed: The 3-point shot.
The 3-pointer wasn’t adopted on the high school level until the 1987-88 season. That shouldn’t detract from Rowland’s accomplishments, but it does make McMillan’s career total even more impressive.
By the way, Rowland is 51 points away from passing Rincon Valley Christian’s Rich Waller (2,389 points) as the Empire’s all-time boys’ scoring leader.
It seems unlikely that Rowland will pass Waller when the Eagles visit St. Vincent tonight. But Rowland has scored 40 and 45 points, respectively, the past two games, so I’ll be in Petaluma tonight just in case.
I’ll post score updates, along with updates on Rowland’s point total, at