Robby Rowland and the state scoring list

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
This week, I spoke with Ronnie Flores, a whiz who helps update the state record book and almanac, about the boys’ career scoring list.
The scoring list in the latest edition of the state record book is current through the 2007-08 season. Flores said he knows of three players who have entered the state’s top 40 since the list was last updated: Troy Leaf, a senior at Foothills Christian (3,071 points); Darius Morris (Windward), who is at the University of Michigan (2,602) and Stephon Carter (Garces), who is at Cal State Bakersfield (2,556).
Flores said it’s possible other players have scored enough points to crack the list, but they haven’t been reported to CalHiSports.
So … I can’t say with certainty where Cloverdale’s Robby Rowland ranks on the state’s career scoring list. But I can say that he ranks 36th on the all-time reported state list.
Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of company Rowland is keeping. Thanks to Ronnie Flores and CalHiSports for the assistance:

California boys’ basketball
Most points (Career)
1. DeMarcus Nelson, Vallejo, Sheldon, (2001-04): 3,462
2. Darnell Robinson, Emery, (1990-93): 3,359
3. Casey Jacobsen, Glendora, (1996-99): 3,284
4. Taylor King, Mater Dei, (2004-07): 3,216
5. Troy Leaf, Foothills Christian, (2007-10): 3,071
6. Tracy Murray, Glendora, (1986-89): 3,053
8. Chase Budinger, La Costa Canyon, (2004-06): 2,930
9. Cameron Murray, Glendora, (1991-94): 2,842
14. Leon Wood, St. Monica, (1977-79): 2,693
16. Jrue Holliday, Campbell Hall, (2005-08): 2,666
17. Jason Kidd, St. Joseph, (1989-92): 2,662
26. Tony Clark, Christian, (1988-90): 2,549
30. DeShawn Stevenson, Washington, (1997-2000): 2,456
32. Bill Cartwright, Elk Grove, (1973-75): 2,449
34. Jason Kapono, Artesia, (1996-99): 2,405
35. Rich Waller, Rincon Valley Christian, (1994-97): 2,389
36. Robby Rowland, Cloverdale, (2007-10): 2,388
41. Don MacLean, Simi Valley, (1986-88): 2,343
43. Craig McMillan, Cloverdale, (1981-84): 2,307