More from Maria Carrillo-Cardinal Newman

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
A few more quotes from Maria Carrillo coach Jerry Deakins and Cardinal Newman coach Tom Bonfigli on the Pumas’ 60-52 upset win.

* Bonfigli on whether his players might have overlooked Maria Carrillo: “Sure, the pros do it. Why wouldn’t high school kids?”
* Bonfigli on Maria Carrillo: “They played a very good game. It wasn’t like they were lucky — they outplayed us. We’ve played 24 games this season and we’ve probably been outplayed three times all year.”
* Deakins on how his team pulled off the upset: “This might have been the first time all year where our kids executed the game plan for more than two-and-a-half quarters. The third quarter has been our Achilles’ heel all year.”