Coyote "clean sheets" the norm

0351That’s Chris Ziemer’s back in the picture to the right as he ran out onto the SR High field Saturday night to congratulate his team on its Golden Goal win over St. Vincent in the Div. III girls championship game.

Afterward, Ziemer was praising his defense and on first blush you thought he was kidding.

“Let’s see, the last time we were scored on was back in September,” he said. Seemed a little out there, so I looked it up. No, he wasn’t kidding. St. Vincent scored a goal on the Coyotes in a 2-1 loss on Sept. 18 and after that SA tossed 14 consecutive “clean sheets.”

That’s, give or take a little stoppage time, 1,120 minutes of scoreless soccer.

All Corner Kicks can say is – “Well done, Coyotes!”

– Ziemer was seen still wondering around the field after the Montgomery-Casa Grande finale. Give him his props. He deserved to bask in the glow of a three-peat. It’s an incredible feeling and any coach will tell you that you just don’t want to have it end.

– Certainly you have heard the word “athleticism” in the brave new world of sports journalism. Well, the Coyotes’ Kate Bayes is the epitome of “athleticism.” Her winning goal Saturday night came off a corner kick that she timed perfectly and flicked into the net for the win.

All that and Bayes is still a basketball player at heart. Although she said she plays club soccer in Benecia and is liking it more and more basketball is still Numero Uno.

You can see she is still a raw talent in the sport of soccer. Give her year-round training in soccer at the highest level with a top-notch club team and coach in Sonoma County and I’ll take my chances with her being the best girls player at any level in the Empire in a year.