Vikings, Gauchos agree to meet next preseason

0380Long after the awards ceremony had been held and speeches were made to their respective teams, girls head coaches Vinnie Cortezzo (Casa Grande) and Pat McDonald (Montgomery) met at midfield at Santa Rosa High.

“I want to play at your place next preseason, OK?” McDonald asked. Cortezzo said: “Sure.”

Both smiled, embraced again and parted ways. McDonald’s Vikings had just beaten the Gauchos for the third time this season to wrestle the girls title away from Cortezzo and the SCL. It might not have been great soccer, but in the end it was entertaining.

– JumboTron viewing was a little difficult, the picture not too bright, but kudos to YSN360 for making the scene look out-of-the-ordinary, something special, which it is.

– Finally, a note to the NCS. Yes, it is something special for the kids, so make it that way when the player introductions are made prior to the game and afterward when the awards are handed out. If necessary have the announcers rehearse the scenario with the coaches and slow it down some. Give each of the players their props and at least a brief moment to be recognized, they earned it. At times, especially at Marin Catholic, the names were read so fast and the order was so out of sync that the players just waved or walked over to pick up a medal in no order whatsoever.