A story I never saw coming

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
Early in the fourth quarter of the North Bay League Tournament title game Friday night, I was trying to think of story angles. The game had started at 8 p.m., later than usual,, which meant my deadline was quickly approaching. Cardinal Newman was leading Montgomery by 12 points with seven minutes left and, frankly, the game hadn’t been particularly memorable.
In other words, this was a brutal combination for a sportswriter: Ordinary game. Bad deadline.
But as I began mentally constructing possible story possibilities, the story became something I hadn’t imagined.
Montgomery wiped out a 12-point deficit against the defensive-minded NBL champions. And, to top it off, the Vikings won on a wild, last-second shot by a 5-foot-7, 125-pound guard. Suddenly, I didn’t need to figure out what to write about. I had a new problem. How to write a story that did justice to what I’d just seen?
You know, it’s funny. On Thursday afternoon, a woman called me at the office, wondering why I-loved-a-certain-school-and-hated-this-other-school-and-did-I-graduate-from-that-school-that-I-clearly-loved-and …
Anyway, I explained that I don’t root for schools. Instead, I root for two thingss: Dramatic games that end well before deadline.
So tonight I’m thankful — I got one of those. Here’s the story on Montgomery’s comeback win over Cardinal Newman.