NCS basketball playoff predictions

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
Since I might have scared some folks with last week’s lead-ins to the predictions, let’s get right to work today.
Just a few notes. I have a middling 39-11 record (but went 20-0 last Wednesday!!!!). And, no, I didn’t really use the Freedom of Information Act to obtain a scouting report on the Athenian girls’ basketball team.

Division II
No. 5 Pinole Valley 53, No. 1 Montgomery 51
Comment: I apologize. This isn’t personal. But my ego and need to make a wow-is-he-ever-brilliant upset pick, sadly, are beginning to consume me. Again, this isn’t about you. It’s about me and my issues.

No. 1 Carondelet 72, No. 5 Montgomery 50
Comment: After the season, Carondelet moves to Sioux City, changes its mascot to the “Starzz” and becomes the WNBA’s 13th team.

Division III
No. 2 Analy 61, No. 6 Miramonte 56
Comment: After the season, Miramonte petitions the NCS to move Analy to Sioux City.

Division VI
No. 3 Rincon Valley Christian 55, No. 2 San Francisco Waldorf 49
Comment: How many times have we seen it? Repeat after me, “Never bet on a Waldorf school playing at home in the playoffs.”

No. 1 Ferndale 67, No. 4 Point Arena 55
Comment: When in doubt, take the No. 1 seed playing at home.

Division VI
No. 1 Rincon Valley Christian 50, No. 4 St. Bernard Catholic 32
Comment: Not a fan of St. Bernard’s transition game.

No. 7 Potter Valley 46, No. 3 Contra Costa Christian 44
Comment: The Bearcats are at home. And that’s a long drive.