NorCal playoff predictions and last games

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
After Cloverdale lost to St. Mary’s in the North Coast Section quarterfinals, Eagles coach John Gastineau talked about how painful the loss was for his seniors.
To illustrate his point, he said Cloverdale senior forward Casey Berry showed up to the team’s first practice this season and said, with a touch of melancholy, “This is my last first practice.”
Throughout the season, the Eagles repeated Berry’s line in a variety of ways.
This is our last John McMillan Holiday Invitational Tournament.
This is our last first league game.
This is our last league game …
The day before Cloverdale played St. Mary’s, Gastineau said many of his players lingered after practice. It wasn’t official, but they knew it was possible: They could have just finished their last practice and they didn’t want to leave.
I’m guessing the seniors on the Empire’s three teams alive in the NorCal regional playoffs can relate.
Tuesday could be the end of the high school basketball season in the Empire.
But it won’t be if these predictions are right:

Division II
No. 11 Montgomery 60, No. 6 Oakmont 57
Comment: I changed this pick, I think, because I’m feeling responsible for Montgomery’s NCS semifinal loss. (My ego is now so out of hand that a part of me believes these predictions are altering games).
Note: This is what I wrote before changing the pick …
“I tried to pick Montgomery. But I think the Vikings, who start one senior, might be a year away from a NorCal playoff run.”

Division III
No. 11 Analy 67, No. 6 Center 65
Comment: At 5:19 p.m. Sunday, I had never heard of Center High School. I’m still not convinced it exists, thus my pick.
Note: If Center does, in fact, not exist, I predict Analy will win by forfeit.

Division II
No. 7 St. Francis 66, No. 10 Montgomery 59
Comment: Just couldn’t do it. Picking three upsets would officially qualify me as a homer. I couldn’t live with that shame.