In Empire, is swimming king?

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
Want to compete in college? Get in the pool. Really. Is there another sport in the Empire that produces more Division I athletes than swimming? The list below includes the 71 local swimmers who have competed at the NCAA level since 1999. (The six seniors who have signed with Division I schools this year are not included in that total).
Of the 71 who have competed in college, 52 went to Division I programs.
Many thanks to Ruben DiRado, unofficial Empire Swimming Sports Information Director, for providing the information.

Class of 2010
Jessica Ampuero, Windsor (BYU, D-I)
Maya DiRado, Maria Carrillo, (Stanford, D-I)
Molly Hannis, Santa Rosa (Tennessee, D-I)
Lauren Matevish, Maria Carrillo (Pittsburgh, D-I)
Ben Whitenack, Healdsburg (Penn, D-I)
Sophia Yamauchi, Montgomery (UCSB, D-I)

Class of 2009
Sydnie Alquist, Maria Carrillo (Vassar, D-III)
Alison Blom, St. Vincent (Northeastern, D-1)
Amy Cunnigham, Analy (Linfield College, D-III)
* Chris Humphreys, Cardinal Newman (Chapman College, D-III)
Max Horrell, Analy (UCSB, D-I)
Tyler Main, Montgomery (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, D-I)
Jennifer Meyer, Ursuline (UC Davis, D-1)

Class of 2008
Derek Baldwin, Casa Grande (UC Davis, D-1)
Cody Scoles, Cardinal Newman (UC Irvine, D-1)
Russell Deghi, Analy (Cal State Northridge, D-I)
Walter Gault, homeschool, Petaluma (SRJC, UCSB, D-I)
Reid Hartz, Montgomery (UC Davis, D-1)
Kelsey Louden, Windsor (UCLA, D-1)
Christina Messer, Ursuline (Cal Lutheran, D-III)
* Misa Scharfen, Ursuline (Brown, D-1)
Amy Tresenrider, Analy (Claremont McKenna, D-III)
Penelope Yamauchi, Montgomery (Arizona State, D-1)

Class of 2007
Ellie Cannon, Ukiah (Tufts, D-III)
Heather Cramer, Rancho Cotate (SRJC, San Diego State, D-I)
Jim Fong, Maria Carrillo (UC Davis, D-I)
Tyler Hannis, Santa Rosa (SRJC, Pacific, D-I)
Amanda Sims, Montgomery (Cal, D-I)
Amelia True, Santa Rosa (Mills, D-III)
Allie Stuhr, Maria Carrillo (SRJC, San Diego State, D-I)
Hank Weinberger, Analy (Cal State Northridge, D-I)

Class of 2006
Aileen Fedrick, Ursuline (University of San Diego, D-I)
William LaBarge, Rancho Cotate (SRJC, UC Davis, D-I)
Alexi Rosichan, Rancho Cotate (SRJC, UC Santa Cruz, D-III)

Class of 2005
* Amber Brenner, Rancho Cotate (SRJC, Cal State Bakersfield, D-I)
Deke Hu, Casa Grande (MIT, D-III)
Ian Lentz, Casa Grande (Cal, D-I)
Katie Nelson, Maria Carrillo, San Jose State, D-I)
Tess Pasternak, Ukiah (Emory, D-III)
Jennifer Sims, Montgomery (UC San Diego, D-II)
Nathan Vizcarra, Petaluma (Cal State Bakersfield, D-I)

Class of 2004
Lauren Brecht, Montgomery (USC, D-I)
Toki Burke, Rancho Cotate (UC Davis, D-1)
Brittany Cramer, Sonoma (University of San Diego, D-I)
Christine Graham, Maria Carrillo (SRJC, San Diego State, D-I)
Emily Hughes, Ursuline (UC Davis, D-I)
Ashley Moulton, Sonoma (UC San Diego, D-II)
Katie Siegle, El Molino (Lewis & Clark, D-III)
Danyelle Vincent, Rancho Cotate (Tennessee, D-I)
Elena Willoughby, Ukiah (Nevada, D-I)
Mark Wilson, Montgomery (University of LaVerne, D-III)
Mari Wunschel, Maria Carrillo (Boston College, D-1)

Class of 2003
Alex Arbios, Maria Carrillo (UC Davis, D-I)
Erin Grimm, Maria Carrillo (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, D-1)
Ross Haverlah, Casa Grande (Seattle, D-III)
Graham Lentz, Casa Grande (California, D-I)
Meghan Peter, homeschool, Santa Rosa (SRJC, University of San Diego, D-I)
Alyssa Rogers, Casa Grande (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, D-1)
Katie Van Horne, Healdsburg (Washington State, D-I)
Terra Wilson, Deep Valley Christian (Gardner Webb, D-I)

Class of 2002
Tory Moreno, Petaluma (USC, D-I)
Leslie Ouellette, Ukiah (San Jose State, D-I)
Nate Rust, Analy (Cal State Northridge, D-I)

Class of 2001
Scott Hartz, Montgomery (Yale, D-I)
Jackie Snyder, Rancho Cotate (UC Irvine, D-I)

Class of 2000
Arwyn Becker, Elsie Allen (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, D-I)
Jennifer Graham, Maria Carrillo (San Diego State, D-I)
Cameron Poya, Ukiah (UC Davis, D-II)
Hannah Ryan, Sonoma (San Diego State, D-1)
Vanessa Sallee, El Molino (SRJC, UC Davis, D-II)
Mary Thomas, El Molino (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, D-I)
Heather Van Hemert, Analy (SRJC, Cal State Northridge, D-I)

Class of 1999
Travis Schimmer, Santa Rosa (Utah, D-I)
John Smith, Maria Carrillo (SRJC, UC Davis, D-II)
Devin Spicer, Petaluma (UC San Diego, D-II)
David Robinson, Analy (UC Santa Barbara, D-I)
Jamie Westboy, Piner (California, D-I)

* played water polo in college