U.S. team disses its fans

Maybe there were circumstances involved here, but on the surface it makes no sense the way he U.S. departed from Dulles International Airport for the 17-hour flight to South Africa on Sunday.

The team entered the airport through the “arrivals” area instead of “departures” thus avoiding any fans who may have been present to wish them well. And there were fans there.

The team was even allowed to go straight through security and bypass the South African Airways ticket counter.

Now, excuse me if I am mistaken, but isn’t soccer in the U.S. still trying to “make it?” Isn’t the World Cup soccer’s largest stage? Aren’t marginal soccer fans starting to get excited?

OK, then what is going on here?

If there ever was a time to interact with fans, to embrace interest, to hoist a pint or shout an Ole! now would be the time.
I only hope there was a really good reason to avoid the fans at Dulles…