Engaging Richardson takes over Santa Rosa football program

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
Time will tell if former Rancho Cotate defensive coordinator Les Richardson is the person to turn around Santa Rosa High’s football program. Richardson was hired Friday to replace Tony Keefer, who resigned unexpectedly in February after one season at the school. (Here’s the story on Richardson’s hiring).
But strictly from a sportswriter’s point of view, I like Santa Rosa’s choice. I spoke with Richardson on the phone Friday night for about 30 minutes. He was friendly, funny, candid — as a longtime assistant coach he’s yet to master the art of cliche-speak — and his optimism was contagious. After hanging up, I was convinced Santa Rosa High football was a sleeping giant.
It looks like a huge task. But Richardson seems like the type who will never lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel, if you’ll excuse the cliche.