Group B: Maradona, keep your trousers on

Group B



South Korea

Now here is a visual we can do without… Maradona has already proclaimed that should the Argentines win the Cup he will run naked through the streets of Buenos Aires. I don’t need that sight and neither do you, but…

Don’t be so surprised if Argentina goes really deep in the tournament. One thing you will note, the Argentine squad will be bigger this time around. They were beaten by Brazil on three set pieces and that likely won’t happen again. And, they do have Messi, the best player on the planet.


Below Argentina, way below, is the rest of the Group. Nigeria is trying to be a force with a Swedish head coach (Lars Lagerback); South Korea comes into the tournament as the only unbeaten team during qualifying in the Asian zone; and Greece has talent and a name to remember – Theofanis Gekas. Theo just might score some goals in this event.

Now if we can just be assured that Maradona will keep his pants on.


Winner: Argentina; Greece adavances