Group C: England will win, but it'll be close

Group C





Face it, how would you like to be Algeria (the Desert Foxes) or Slovenia (two million folks in the entire country) in this Group?

Actually, it might not be so bad cause no one is expecting a thing out of your effort other than just asking you to show up.

Going way out on a limb, Slovenia just might be the one to pull an upset if one is to be had. The side is very hard-working and they execute short passes very well. The U.S. faces them in its Game 2 in the Group on June 18 and they can’t be taken lightly.


But back to showtime. Saturday morning U.S. vs. England. Rooney, Lampard, Terry vs. Donovan, Dempsey, Howard.

Why those six names? Well, for starters they all played in the Premiereship this past season. Rare, if ever, you could say that about three U.S. starters, but now you can. And they weren’t just on the roster, they played and they played a lot and proved they deserved to be there.

Has the U.S. elevated its game to that level overall? Don’t know, but we shall find out real soon.

Hunch here is that England will find a way to win the game and the Group, but the U.S. will inch closer and advance out of the Group.


Prediction: England wins Group; U.S. advances…