Group F: For Italy can it get any easier?

Group F



New Zealand

Seriously, could the powers-that-be put the Italians in any easier Group? Maybe it’s just a courtesy to the defending champions, but this appears to be a cake-walk for the Azzurri despite the fact that they have 8 players over-30 in their starting lineup.

Despite all that, Italy is not to be taken lightly. No one expects this squad to win it all again, but then no one really wants to play them either.

This will be the 100th anniversary of the Azzurri’s first-ever international football match. Means very little, or nothing, but at least you know that fact now.


And speaking of something you probably didn’t know, on the field the Paraguayans speak in their native American language of Guarani to avoid being understood by any Spanish-speaking foes.

It isn’t going to matter much in this Group unless some New Zealander or Slovania player took a couple of Spanish courses in school.

One name to remember from the Paraguay side – Roque Santa Cruz – he just might be the player (he matriculated at Manchester City) who can get them out of the Group.

Group winner: Italy; Advancing: Paraguay.