Blanco: Heavy, old but he made a difference

Observations along the way to a 1-1 tie on opening day between Mexico and South Africa…

– The horns are absolutely over-the-top annoying. The crowds, the chants are all part of soccer’s appeal. The horns gotta go…

– Mexico’s Blanco is about as old and heavy as I am, but he made a difference when he entered the game. He mighta been slow, but he added energy.

– Of course Mexico was robbed of a goal in the first half on an offsides call. South Africa had a defender standing on the line for goodness sakes. As they say in every youth game, every day: “THAT’S NOT OFFSIDES!”

– Nice to see Uncle Joe Biden there representing Uncle Sam and so far as we know he didn’t fall asleep. Way to go, Joe!

– South Africa’s goal was a beauty; Mexico’s came off poor defending.

– The tie was probably a fair result, although overall Mexico played better.

– Neither team is going very deep into this tournament if they keep playing like that.

– Next up, the French. This game will be completely different.