Wood bats, the NCS vote and a tough decision

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
What would you do? Use a wood bat and compete at a disadvantage. Or use a metal bat and, potentially, be viewed as an insensitive jerk. What am I talking about? OK, let’s rewind.
The North Coast Section’s board of managers voted against a proposal from the Marin County Athletic League to have all NCS teams use wood bats during the postseason (Read the story here). The MCAL teams, of course, switched to wood in the wake of the horrific injury suffered by Marin Catholic pitcher Gunnar Sandberg, who just recently started walking again after being drilled in the head by a line drive of a metal bat on March 11.
MCAL teams will use wood bats in the postseason. But what will their opponents do?
As stated, those teams that switch to wood bats will be at a disadvantage. Those that stick with metal could be seen as insensitive. After all, the MCAL voted to switch to wood in an effort to protect its players in the aftermath of a life-threatening injury to one of its own. Regardless of whether you think metal bats are more dangerous than wood, you’d have to agree swinging metal bats against an MCAL team would probably look bad.
Me? I say switch to wood, but it’s quite easy for me to have that perspective. I’m not a player, or a coach, who has devoted countless hours to this baseball season.
What if I was part of a team playing against an MCAL school in the NCS finals? Hmmm.
What would you do?