MCAL coaches speak out

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
Following up on a previous blog post, the Marin Independent Journal has a story in which MCAL baseball coaches talk about the possibility of playing against a team swinging metal bats in the playoffs.
San Rafael coach Stan Switala says he’d rather forfeit than play against a team with metal bats. (“I can’t see us playing a team that uses metal bats. I don’t want to do that. It’s completely unfair.”) Drake coach Adam Farb expresses similar sentiments. (“You would hope the opposing coach and opposing principal would honor the integrity of the game … It would be like a basketball game where one team shoots on a 10-foot basket and the other team shoots at one that’s 12 feet.”)
Now, I understand those coaches’ emotions, but I would suggest that they use a different tone when discussing the issue.
Of course, Switala and Farb are right. It would be unfair for MCAL teams to face teams swinging metal.
Just like it would be unfair for their opponents to suddenly switch to wood, the type of bat MCAL teams have already been swinging for two months.
The IJ says the MCAL will hold a meeting Thursday to discuss how to handle possible wood-metal matchups.