NCS commish to ask MCAL to reconsider wood-bat stance

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
In the latest twist to the saga involving the use of wood bats in the North Coast Section, NCS commissioner of athletics Gil Lemmon said Tuesday that he plans to ask Marin County Athletic League commissioner Susie Woodall to considering reversing her league’s decision to use wood bats for the rest of the season.
Woodall’s response: “I don’t see that happening.”
On March 25, two weeks after Marin Catholic pitcher Gunnar Sandberg was severely injured after being hit in the head by a line drive off a metal bat, the MCAL voted unanimously to use wood bats through the postseason.
On Monday, the NCS’s board of managers voted 35-12 against a proposal from the MCAL to have all NCS teams use wood bats during the postseason. Twenty-four later, Lemmon said he hopes to possibly meet next week with Woodall to gauge whether the league would return to metal bats.
“I would like to ask them to at least re-approach the issue,” Lemmon said.
Woodall, who hadn’t spoken with Lemmon regarding a possible meeting when reached Tuesday afternoon, said she’d be happy to discuss the issue. But she didn’t anticipate any changes to the league’s stance.
“As the commissioner he certainly has the right and privilege to suggest an agenda item for our board to discuss,” Woodall said. “Anyone can make a request, but it’s up to us if we decide to honor it.”
Marin Catholic baseball coach Mike Firenzi was adamant that his team would use wood bats for the rest of the season. Starting this week, Marin Catholic’s pitchers will also wear helmets when on the mound.
“We are going to stick with wood,” Firenzi said. “If a team is going to use metal against us (in the playoffs), that’s fine. It doesn’t make them bad people. But we are going to stick with wood.”