Have you seen The O’Donnell?

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
Have you ever seen Analy high jumper Kellan O’Donnell in action?
After hearing about O’Donnell’s one-of-a-kind jumping style, I went to see for myself last week during Analy’s dual meet against Petaluma. I didn’t leave disappointed.
Most high jumpers approach the bar from an angle and flop over it back-first. It’s called the Fosbury Flop. O’Donnell? He approaches the bar straight-on with a series of slow deliberate steps before suddenly leaping, tucking his right shoulder and doing a front flip over it. Crazy.
O’Donnell has cleared an Empire-best 6 feet, 6 inches this season with a style that’s become somewhat controversial. Some claim his jump is illegal because he doesn’t jump off one foot.
It’s tough to tell if it’s a one-foot jump. Legal or not, though, it’s wonderful to witness. It really is a jaw-dropping athletic feat.
Anyway, I’ve written a story about O’Donnell’s jump. It probably won’t run until next week — after our ace photographer Crista Jeremiason has taken some photos and cut a video of O’Donnell in action.