Give me a break

Seriously, what was that all about?

From a semi-long (15 years) viewing experience of soccer matches, it’s rather plain to see that refs can make calls pretty much anyway they see fit. But, honestly, even had it been the other way around do you really think the ref made the correct decision in disallowing a third goal for the U.S. this a.m.?

Not only was the U.S. onside, but two of its players were being mugged in the area with a complete bear hug. I guess that is one way to stop an attacker.

Aside from that it was A) a great comeback for the U.S.; and B) soccer being played the way it needs to be played – exciting, end-to-end, total offense.

You just know it’ll never happen, but wouldn’t you like to see the U.S. start out with an all-out attack and push forward like that in Minute No. 1 instead of halfway through the second half?

Why won’t they do it? Well, a really good squad would eat them alive on defense and offensively they would score at will. That’s why. But we’ll take one half of excitement and live with it.

Now we shall see how England fares and if Mr. Rooney shows up this time.