How about those two games?!

I certainly hope I have heard this line for the final time: “Oh, soccer is so boring, no scoring, no excitement.”

Rubbish, I say … no, make that, I scream!

If you watched either the England 1-0 win or the U.S. identical score and win this morning then you, too, must admit you can put that thought to rest.

Both games were 90 minutes of high anxiety. Both winning squads had ample opportunities to score. Both games were in doubt all the way into stoppage time.

Soccer is exactly like that and that’s the way it should be – close, riveting, full of strategy. The U.S. will gain a few more fans along the way now and after the World Cup everyone will say it will fade it away. But will it?

No, it’ll gain some more support and it’ll still be years behind the Big 3 (baseball, football and basketball), but maybe a few less years.