Empire softball rankings

Posted by Staff Writer Eric Branch:
(Through Monday’s games)

1. Montgomery (16-2): Hold on. It appears the Vikings will have to fight for NBL title.
2. Petaluma (12-5): The Trojans don’t have a better record than Windsor, but they do own a head-to-head win over the Jaguars.
3. Windsor (16-3): The Jaguars have outscored opponents, 107-38.
4. Rancho Cotate (13-6): The Cougars have posted five shutouts en route to winning eight of their past nine.
5. Maria Carrillo (11-6): The Pumas own a 7-4 win over Sonoma, last week’s No. 5 team.

1. Cloverdale (12-3): Basketball star Whitney Edens leads the Eagles with three home runs.
2. Clear Lake (14-4): The Cardinals have a 105-22 record over the past six seasons.
3. Tomales (12-2): The Braves have held 10 opponents to fewer than two runs.
4. Fort Bragg (12-5): The Timberwolves have scored 29 and 17 runs in games this season.
5. Calistoga (8-2): The Wildcats suffered a 1-0 losss to Tomales on Monday.