Come on, MLS, seriously?

It was 1984 and the San Diego Padres were on the verge of their first-ever trip to the World Series. All they had to do was defeat the Cubs and they were in.

It was the middle of the deciding game, Jack Murphy Stadium was at a fever pitch in about the middle of the seventh inning. At that time, most teams had organ players to play for the crowd. So, on this occasion, with the crowd roaring, Danny, the Padres organ player, kicked them all up a notch by heading off into a stirring rendition of “Moon River.”

What? Yes, “Moon River.”

Now we fast forward to two days ago. The U.S. soccer team had just won to advance to the knockout round of the World Cup and the commish of the Major League Soccer was on TV being interviewed about the excitement. He said something like, “Oh, when this is over we will have the MLS All-Star Game.”


For just once you would think the brilliant soccer minds would try to come up with something other than the MLS All-Star Game to capitalize on the excitement over soccer in this country. You think they would have a war-room somewhere to hatch ideas if, once again, passion for the sport in this country was elevated.

And it is elevated.

Come on, guys, seriously, the MLS All-Star Game is the best you can do?