Ziemer – 200 wins and counting


Face it – soccer is a game of numbers. Sometimes not very big numbers (does 0-0 come to mind?) but digits nonetheless.

For example, take Friday’s Sonoma State University men’s game against Chico State. The Seawolves won 1-0, they now have 6 wins in a row and they are 7-3-0 overall and 6-0-0 in the CCAA.

But the big number on Friday was 200. As in SSU head coach Marcus Ziemer’s 200th career coaching win.

So what does it mean, by the numbers, to be a soccer coach with so many wins?

Here’s a little numbers Q&A with Ziemer from Saturday night:

– Do you remember win No. 1?

“Well, let’s see, it was in 1991 … but I couldn’t tell you against whom or what the score was.”

– Ok, how about win No. 100?

“That one I do know. We beat UC Davis 2-0 and I remember their coach Dwayne Shaffer coming over and congratulating me.”

– This one’s easy, speaking of numbers, how old are you?

“That I know – 43.”

– How old were you when you won victory No. 1?

” Well, I was 27 then.”

– What is your most memorable win?

“At first I would say winning the national championship in 2002 but it wasn’t really that win. It was against Dominguez Hills in the first playoff game that year when we were down 2-0 with only 20 minutes left and Tony Bussard scored a hat trick and we won at Carson.”

– Can you remember the ugliest win?

“Oh, there have a lot of those!”

– Realistically, how many more coaching wins do you think you have in you?

“Well, let’s see, I am enjoying my job, I’ll probably have to keep working until I’m 70 so the way I’m going … oh, 200-300 more I guess.”

– Is the No. 200 over or under your weight?

“Ah, just say it’s under.”

– Just think you are now only 555 wins away from Hank Aaron’s homer total. How’s that strike you?

“Well, I never quite thought of it that way.”


Ziemer and his Seawolves take on CSU Stanislaus at home at 12:30 p.m. Sunday (Sept. 24). And he is pleased with the progress they have made so far.

“This is a very nice team, skilled, a bunch of great guys. We went to Europe before the season started (Holland, Belgium and Germany) and maybe we thought we were better than we were when we returned. But we are steadily improving.”

So, when does No. 201 surface?

“Tomorrow,” Ziemer said without hesitation.