Support the Sol? Absolutely!

OK, it’s time to stop the bickering about coaches and show the local soccer community that you really do care about “the beautiful game.”
The Sonoma County Sol men’s team opens its home season Saturday night at Santa Rosa High.
So, why is that so meaningful?
Because the Sol (yes, there is also a women’s team) give all Sonoma County players the opportunity to continue their playing careers after high school. We simply dump them out on a soccer field when they are 5 or 6, they play until they are 18 and then we have to tell them it’s over at the club level. Not a good thing.
The Sol has arisen from a group of interested local soccer types to give them the chance to continue playing organized soccer. And this is your opportunity to support that effort. It’s a chance to applaud them, to see just how talented they have become, to get a final glimpse or two of them on the field.
The Sol needs you just as much as you need the Sol. If you felt this was all “For the Good of the Game” when they were 6 years old then you shouldn’t feel any different now that they are 18 or 20 or 22.
This year Sol even added a “reserve” squad of 20 that will play in an eight-team league
” I think this is the best thing that has ever happened around here for college-bound players,” said Sol coach Ben Ziemer. “We will develop them and keep them playing. Those who dedicated their
lifetimes to soccer. We’re providing it to the community. I really hope people step up and embrace it and offer financial support. It’s truly a community-based thing.”
You’ll recognize many of the names because the Sol crosses over all those party lines. They played for SRU and SCA, for rec leagues and adult leagues, at all the local high schools, for SRJC and SSU and just about every northern California 4-year institution and schools from here to Ohio.
They play in something called the National Premier Soccer League and Saturday’s opponent is the Santa Cruz Breakers.
Prior to Saturday’s game, the Sol will host a “Parade of Champions.” The team has distributed over 8,000 free tickets to area youth players and their families. About 25 championship teams, from rec to high school, will be honored prior to the game


And, oh, by the way, to clarify a couple of points made in some of the many comments re. the Top 10 coaches in the area:
– It was selected solely by myself based on observations over the past dozen years in the soccer community. And, yes, if they were still involved in club soccer, I would allow any of our kids (once upon a time we had three of them playing club soccer at the same time) to play for any of these 10 coaches…and we’d pay for it.
– To the person who wondered why Karen Stanley wasn’t on the list…if you had read the blog carefully you would have noticed the word “active” describing the criteria for the list. Karen, bless her “Ta-Da” heart, is retired from coaching.