Soccer news … around the pitch

Here comes the rain. But, no, no, no …. it is not the time to sit inside and forget soccer. Au contraire. This is the best time of the year.
All high school games take on extra significance, the SRJC and SSU teams are terrific and deserve your support, and there is an organization called the Sonoma County Sol that would love to hear from you.
So, here are some of the topics that have been addressed, in a civil manner and otherwise, on this blog over the past fortnight.
P.S. We’ll save comment on officiating for a separate blog…

– Tracking team records and the NCS. The records you see here are those reported by the teams, by preseason tournament officials and coaches. If it ended in a pure tie you see it that way; if they went to PKs to decide the outcome, it’s that way. Don’t know how the NCS rules when they put a team’s record on the big board come seeding day, but this is the way we record those records…

– Speaking of seeding meetings. Just in case you are interested they are Oct. 28. Boys & girls Class 3A playoff dates are Oct. 31, Nov 3 and 7 with the championship games on Nov. 10.
Girls will have a 10-team field; boys 12-team field.

– Angel Acevado, a Healdsburg High sophomore, really does have a tryout in Dec. in Spain with Valencia FC.
“He is very skilled on the ball and has a great first touch,” said Healdsburg coach Robert Perman. “He’s started every game for two years for us at either center-mid or forward. The only thing about him right now is that he isn’t all that big. But he’ll grow.”

– Arnaldo Salazar is another name you shouldn’t forget. He’s a Santa Rosa United player who has been added to the Chivas developmental team in L.A. He isn’t huge – one of the Chivas officials told him he had the body of a child – but he is a talent and as his body develops and his skills are refined… well, don’t forget the name.

– The Sol. Yes, they need your help.
And their future will be discussed at a community meeting at 7 p.m. Nov. 5 at the Finley Community Center, 2060 W. College Ave., Santa Rosa…
It just doesn’t make much sense to me why they don’t get better community support. We start toting these kids around to soccer games at age 6 or so, watch them develop, they entertain us in high school, maybe gain a spot on a college team and then pffft…we decide that’s it.
Well, it isn’t, or shouldn’t be. Now, at the Sol level, when they are about as good as they’ll get, we should be watching. It’s no less than soccer’s feeble attempt to be minor league baseball. Only now, with a change in direction, Sol is just about entirely all local players and they are playing against some of the better players around at this level.
And these are some of those same 6 year olds who used to matriculate on Belluzzo Field. Do the names Hurst and Sigler and Garcia come to mind? And there are many, many others.

– There are a lot of high school games with a lot on the line this week and next prior to the playoffs. But one of the best just might be Wednesday’s Sonoma Valley at Analy boys game. It might determine the SCL champion, an advantageous position in the playoffs and possibly a good shot at an NCS title.

– Somewhere between high school and Sol soccer are the local colleges. They get so little attention and offer so much. SRJC under Marty Kinahan and Emiria Salzmann are quietly putting up impressive numbers. Kinahan’s men’s team is 12-1-1 and will play at Feather River on Tuesday before returning home on Friday to face American River at 4. Salzmann’s women’s team is 8-2-3, host American River at 4 at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday and is riding a four-game winning streak.
SSU is good, really good. The men are 13-2-1 overall, 11-0-0 in the CCAA and they have won 12 in a row. They entertain CSU Monterey Bay at 3 p.m., Oct. 19 (Friday).
The women are 7-6-2 overall, 3-6-2 in the CCAA and also play Monterey Bay at 12:30 p.m. Friday.
Go watch.

– Artifical turf at Analy High? It’s coming, just no ETA yet. The Tigers have raised about one-fourth of the money they need to install it both on the football/soccer field and the adjacent practice field. And even better, they are looking into improved lighting.
Rancho Cotate gets a makeover next year, maybe Analy by ’09 along with Carrillo (maybe). So one thing is for sure, as the facilities around here get better so will the quality of play.