Final regular-season rankings

High School Large-school rankings for Oct. 24:


1. Maria Carrillo (15-0-3) – Two wins from an unbeaten season.
2. Sonoma Valley (13-2) – Played maybe the best game of the season in 5-4 win at Analy.
3. Analy (13-3-5) – Tigers just can’t get past the Dragons’ tail…but the playoffs loom. Regular season’s over, well done Analy.
4. Elsie Allen (6-3-3) – This is the best Lobo team ever, period, end of discussion.
5. Ukiah (8-6-2) – This is the best Wildcat team ever, end of discussion.
6. Santa Rosa – Panthers are not approaching the postseason on a high note.
7. Windsor – Jags get a playoff tuneup match against SV.
8. Montgomery – Big week for the Vikings at Pumas and Lobos.
9. Cardinal Newman – Entire season on the line for the Cardinals this week.
10. Casa Grande – Gauchos 4th in the SCL, can they finish there?
11. Healdsburg – ‘Hounds would just like to end the season with a couple of wins.
12. El Molino – Lions will forever hang this season on a huge upset of Windsor. Well done ElMo.
13. Petaluma – Trojans out of the SCL cellar and they would like to stay there.
14. Piner – Long, long season for the Prospectors, highlight was a tie at Montgomery.
15. Rancho Cotate – Even longer season for the Cougars.



1. Montgomery (17-0-1) – There is only one way to beat the Vikings, propose an early graduation (like today) for Gretel.
2. Maria Carrillo (14-2-2) – Pumas couldn’t quite get the job done against Monty, but they’ll probably get another chance in the playoffs.
3. Casa Grande (13-3) – Gauchos out to prove SCL is indeed a force this season.
4. Santa Rosa (11-5-2) – Tough 2-1 loss to Ursuline on Monday, but Panthers will bounce back.
5. Petaluma (13-4) – Trojans part of the 1-2 SCL punch.
6. Ursuline – Blip on the Bears record at The Ranch came about in part cause the starting goalie was absent.
7. Windsor – Stellar season should get Jags into the playoffs.
8. Sonoma Valley – Have a chance to get even with Windsor this week.
9. Rancho Cotate – Beat a team (Ursuline) who had just tied a team (Monty) that is the best around. Congrats Cougars.
10. Analy – Tigers had a rough October, winning only once.
11. Piner – Prospectors have suffered through back-to-back-to-back 1-0 defeats.
12. Ukiah – All home games from here on out.
13. Healdsburg – Play ElMo this week in a battle for 13th place.
14. El Molino – See H-burg item above.
15. Elsie Allen – Lobos called this a “fun” season. Maybe one day they’ll look back on it as the beginning of the team’s turnaround.