Thanx for a great regular season

Friday night’s results concluded the regular high school season.
Just a huge, huge “Well done” to everyone involved with the season – administrators, coaches, trainers, officials, players, support staff.
Anyone who participated in the Soccer Blog, either reading it or contributing to it, had to be entertained through the long season as we all watched every team improve, give it everything they had and gain, win or lose, memories that will last a lifetime.
And now it’s on to the playoffs. A dozen boys teams, probably no more than eight from the North Bay and Sonoma County leagues combined will make it. And 10 girls teams, probably another eight NBL and SCL teams combined, will move on.
On Saturday we’ll post our first PD SoccerBlog awards.
After Sunday’s seeding meeting, on Monday we will offer complete tournament predictions.
And immediately after the championship games on Nov. 10th we’ll select our All-Tournament teams and then the players of the year.
To all our players – thank you.