Grab an umbrella and let's look back on 2007

Amused? Thoroughly.

Befuddled? Often.

Entertained? Always.

The SoccerBlog never fails us in one way or another. So as we approach the end of another year, as we are about to corner kick 2007 into the history books, here are some random thoughts for you to ponder…

– More than likely there are going to be some significant changes at the club level in these parts in 2008…very significant. Stay tuned.

– Wouldn’t you love to give Marcus Ziemer a redo on one simple penalty kick in the national quarterfinals? The Seawolves had such a stellar season. It just didn’t deserve to end that way.

– Wouldn’t you love to give Marty Kinahan a redo on the final minute of the final OT in the State Championship game? The Bear Cubs proved that you can take a group of mostly local kids and compete with anyone. They shoulda been state champs.

– Where is David Beckham?

– The Casa Grande girls shocked the world of high school soccer around here by beating Montgomery for the NCS title. The Gauchos played just about a perfect game. Maybe that’s one of the reasons they call it the beautiful game.

– Local boys teams were shutout of the NCS finals for the first time. I don’t even know how to explain that one.

– As for small schools the lasting memory will be victorious Sonoma Academy coach Chris Ziemer walking around with a plastic baggie of turf from SA’s field after they won the NCS Class A title. The Coyotes move to a new facility in 2008 and he just wanted a memory. And what a memory it will be.

– Where is David Beckham?

– The Sonoma County Sol appear to be on the brink for the 2008 season. We need the Sol for a lot of reasons, but do they have the organizational savvy to hang on?

– Three of our best freshmen college players – Pat Sigler (Cal Poly), Taylor Amman (Stanford) and Davide Furtado (Sonoma State) all redshirted this fall. We’ll see next fall if that extra year of maturity works to their advantage.

– Montgomery graduate Stacey Strong is home with a NCAA championship medal she won as a starting defender when the Trojans rolled past Florida State to win the national title. Just won’t get any better for Stacey at the collegiate level…unless the Trojans repeat in 2008.

– Where is David Beckham?

– The Sonoma County Alliance is indeed extending itself into the North County. Either SCA is more aggressive in marketing itself or it is offering a better plan to other local soccer organizations than anyone else. Or maybe it’s a little bit of both. At any rate, a thumbs up to SCA…

– The San Jose Earthquakes? Yes, they have resurfaced and they will open their 2008 season at 6 p.m., April 12 at McAfee Coliseum in Oakland against the Chicago Fire. Will the Bay Area embrace their return? Well, they have sold out all Premier Midfield season tickets and five additional Field View sections.

– Personally, I’d like to see Messi play.

– By the way, where is David Beckham?

– Finally, if you need one in 2010 when one of our girls teams plays for the initial NorCal soccer title and the right to represent us in the State Title game, I’ll have the exclusive umbrella rights and I’ll donate all proceeds to the Sol.

Happy New Year SoccerBloggers!