SRU Freeze very, very good; but are they the best ever?


It’s kind of hard to startle Paul Dixon.

The Santa Rosa United girls U18 Freeze coach has good anticipation. Probably comes from his days on the pitch himself in the pro ranks.

But he looked startled on Thursday afternoon when the question was posed.

OK, who was the better team – Freeze or Storm?

“Now, now,” Dixon said as his team warmed up prior to a Thursday afternoon scrimmage.

And then he laughed as he grappled for the correct answer.

“Well, this (Freeze) is a very good squad, very talented, but look at the numbers. Storm won three State Cup championships and a Regional title. Freeze has gotten to the Regionals one year but didn’t get out of the first round. So…”

Dixon will take his Freeze team to Morgan Hill on Sunday for a 2 p.m. CYSA-North State Cup finals matchup with Danville Mustang Fury. By virtue of a Wild Card draw for this age group, both teams will be headed to the USYSA Far West Regionals in Honolulu in June.

“I’ve had this team for three years and we’ve never played them (Mustang Fury) although we have been in the finals now three years in a row,” Dixon said.

But back to the Storm, another SRU team that Dixon coached until they finished their club careers four years ago, vs. Freeze.

“The Storm was not as deep talent-wise at the Freeze,” Dixon admitted. “But Storm had 4 or 5 exceptional players that Freeze doesn’t have. Put it this way, they were just a different kind of team than Freeze.”

Reportedly the entire roster at Danville will be headed off to DI programs in the fall. Freeze has 10 players on this team and two others who graduated a year ago but played for Freeze and are now on DI programs.

“But this will be it, either in Regionals or if we go to the Nationals because this team will all be off in college next fall,” Dixon said.

SRU Freeze roster:

Gretel Amman
Katie Benz
Elena Catania
Angela Chigazola
Shayna Elkins
Ashley Freyer
Tiffany Hurst
Lauren Johnson
Kaitlyn Le Baudour
Megan McQueeny
Amanda Mendenhall
Courtney Parsons
Joan Piasta
Natasia Staehle
Shevaun Weatherby

Head coach: Paul Dixon

SRU U18 Freeze college commitments

Elena Catania – CSU Fullerton
Ashley Freyer – USC
Megan McQueeny – San Diego State
Tiffany Hurst – San Diego State
Katie Benz – Cal
Gretel Amman – San Diego State
Angela Chigazola – Drake
Amanda Mendenhall – Corban College
Courtney Parsons – USD
Joan Piasta – USF
Lauren Johnson – CSU San Marcos
Shayna Elkins – Dominican University
Shevaun Weatherby – Chapman University
Natasia Staehle – undecided
Kaitlyn LeBaudour – Wheaton College


(All games at Morgan Hill)

April 27: SRU Boca Juniors (U16 boys) – Won in PK’s vs. Manteca Rangers
April 27: SRU Fusion (U14 girls) – Lost vs. Almaden United
April 27: SRU Thunder (U15 girls) – Won, 3-1, vs. Pleasanton Rage
April 27: SRU Earthquakes (U17 girls) – Lost vs. Danville Mustang Mavericks
April 27: SRU Freeze (U18 girls) – Won, 6-0, vs. East Fresno Fusion

Finals Schedule
(All games at Morgan Hill)

May 3: 2 p.m. – SRU Thunder (U15 girls) vs. Foothill MVLA Avalanche.
May 4: 9 a.m. – SRU Boca Juniors (U16 boys) vs. Santa Clara Sporting.
May 4: 2 p.m. – SRU Freeze (U18 girls) vs. Danville Mustang Fury.