Random thoughts on the CYSA State Cup

Random thoughts on the California Youth Soccer Association North State Cup championship…

Some comments on this blog have questioned the importance of the
CYSA State Cup competition. How relevant is it in 2008? How relevant was it ever?

In all honesty, the name probably sounds better than the actual tournament. Any CYSA team can enter. Pony up the entry fee, have a legitimate team with all the proper paperwork and you are in.

Along the broad spectrum the competition isn’t all that difficult…until you reach the Elite Eight.

Imagine it like March Madness of soccer with many, many fewer upsets.
The upside is A) simply the name – California State Cup, still sounds pretty good; B) the caveat of getting to move on to the USYSA Far West Regionals. The State Cup finals and the Regionals are the real plums in this entire process.

And even at the Regional level you’ll probably run into some lacklustre foes from Alaska, Wyoming and Idaho. But SoCal, Arizona, Washington and Colorado will test you, really test you.

From top to bottom, no tournamant in California compares to the San Diego Surf Cup. But then you almost have to be at least a State Cup finalist to get into the Surf Cup. So, that’s why you better take the State Cup seriously.


It’s no small expense to get pursue a State Cup dream. Multiple trips to Morgan Hill on $4 a gallon gas and then the big hula trip of them all – this year to Honolulu.

Teams are budgeting about $1,800 per player to make the trek west in June. Family of four? You do the math.


It will definitely be a long weekend for the Mendenhalls and the Freyers.

Now keep this straight.

Kaitlyn Mendenhall plays for Thunder; Amanda Mendenhall is on the Freeze roster.

Carrie Freyer plays for Thunder; Ashley Freyer is on the the Freeze roster.

Now, if Thunder wins and joins Freeze in Honolulu, we talking some really big expenses for a couple of Sonoma County families.


The Freeze won’t be facing just any old team on Sunday. On Danville’s roster is one player who has already signed with North Carolina. Her signing was described this way on the UNC website:

She is a 5-7 forward from Danville, Calif. She attends Monte Vista High School and plays for the Mustang Fury Club Soccer Team. Among her honors are: Member of Region IV ODP Team; Two-Time NSCAA High School All-America; Member of Club State Championship Team; Two-time California High School Player of the Year.

Who is it? Courtney Jones, the daughter of former 49ers’ tight end Brent Jones.