So….why not support the Sol?

Will someone please explain to me why anyone would find fault with the Sonoma County Sol?
There have been past comments on this blog doing just that and mostly it comes down to supporting them with your presence and your financial offering, i.e. buying a ticket. What is so wrong with that?
Sol is a natural extension of the local soccer community. And that community starts with 6-year olds and works its way through youth clubs (rec and highly competitive), high schools, junior college, colleges and then…
Well, if the Sol didn’t exist the word coming after “then” would be “nowhere.”
Saturday a crowd of 700 at Santa Rosa High was thoroughly entertained by the Sol. A few of them were even entertained by the Sol’s U-21 team and a game between two U-11 boys teams from Santa Rosa United and Athletico.
It amounted to a triple-header of some of the best players around here. And for 8 bucks what more could you ask.
Of course, the Sol organization isn’t perfect. They’ll tell you that. But the level of play will exceed your expectations.
In reality, it should be, and could be, a collaborative effort among SRU, Sonoma County Alliance and Athletico. It would be a perfect uniting point for all three groups to rally around and make it work for the good of the game, for the good of every boy and girl in this area who want to continue playing at a higher level. And for the good of fans of the game.
The Sol men’s and women’s teams are now off to away pitches for their season-ending playoffs.
Will they return next season?
It would be a shame if they didn’t.