You want to learn to coach? Here's your chance

OK, you have complained about just about everything and everybody over the past three years on this soccer blog. Here is your chance to solve one of your dilemmas – a perceived poor coach.

Read below and take the course yourself and then, and maybe only then, you will have the right to really complain about a coaching decision this coming fall because maybe, just maybe you might know what you are talking about…

Read on…

The National Federation of State High School Associations will offer an online course in coaching soccer starting next year.
The course, Fundamentals of Coaching Soccer, will help train coaches to teach specific soccer skills, using interactive videos and graphics to demonstrate proper techniques, National Soccer Coaches Association of America executive director Jim Sheldon said Tuesday.
“It will undoubtedly be a huge benefit to the high school coaching community, a key component of soccer’s future in this country,” he said.
The NSCAA and the Indianapolis-based high school federation, the umbrella organization representing more than 18,000 high schools through member associations in each state, plan to begin the soccer course in the fall of 2009. The course, part of the NFHS coach education program, will cost $50.