Soccer news/skeds/standings on the way

For the Good of the Game will everyone please settle down a minute.
While you are commenting away, I have been entering into our computer system every soccer schedule (boys and girls) of all 40 of the high schools in our coverage.
It’s coming, folks, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.
Today we do a mini-test run with the Petaluma at Montgomery girls game.
Please check out PDPreps later today at under the Sports page and you’ll get a glimpse of what we intend to do not only with soccer but with all fall high school sports.
I’ll post all skeds next week and like a year ago we’ll run up-to-date standings.
I encourage you to continue to read the SoccerBlog and also check out PDPreps and the College drop-down page as there will be news from the soccer world there as well as on the Blog.

And, by the way, Thursday night the Casa boys beat the defending NCS champs, Novato, 2-1. Goals scored by John Greene and Daniel Amador. Go Gauchos!