How does Analy win & Thursday's (9/11) predictions

Here is something I just don’t understand. Maybe someone can explain it to me.
Year after year after year Analy produces a very good, very competitive, very technically sound men’s soccer team. How does that happen?
Has to be head coach Peter Meechan. He’s like a swallow coming back to Capistrano year after year. He doesn’t coach club soccer, avoids that scene for his full-time job.
But every year he just magically reappears at Analy, usually in a big coat cause it’s freezing in Sebastopol when the Tigers play just about any night game, and he quietly gets win after win.
No shouting.
No screaming.
Just a love of the game.
If you know of any other reason why the Tigers consistently excel I’d like to know.


Men’s SCL Games

PREDICTION: Windsor 4, (at) El Molino 1
FINAL: Windsor 4, El Molino 0

PREDICTION: Analy 2 (at) Healdsburg 1

PREDICTION: (at) Sonoma Valley 4, Casa Grande 0
FINAL: Sonoma Valley 3, Casa Grande 2