Is there a dominant women's team? No; & Thursday's (9/18) predictions

So, how is this shaping up for a race in women’s soccer in the North Bay?
We simply do not have a dominant team. Both Montgomery and Casa Grande have proven they have come back to the pack; Ursuline, Petaluma and Maria Carrillo can’t be taken lightly; Santa Rosa is gonna surprise some folks; and Analy and Sonoma Valley and Rancho Cotate … well, on any given day.
The best players? Maybe by this time next week we’ll have a clearer picture, but for now at least some candidates be Christina Tognetti (Ursuline), Melissa Madrid (Casa Grande), Selam Solomon (Montgomery) and Taylor Gehring (Petaluma).

Thursday’s predictions

Men’s Games

PREDICTION: Cardinal Newman 3, (at) Piner 0
FINAL: Cardinal Newman 2, Piner 1

PREDICTION: (at) Montgomery 3, Elsie Allen 2
FINAL: Montgomery 5, Elsie Allen 2

PREDICTION: (at) Maria Carrillo 6, Rancho Cotate 0

PREDICTION: (at) Santa Rosa 4, Ukiah 2
FINAL: Santa Rosa 3, Ukiah 2 (OT)

PREDICTION: (at) Sonoma Valley 3, Analy 1
FINAL: Sonoma Valley 0, Analy 0

PREDICTION: (at) Windsor 2, Casa Grande 2
FINAL: Windsor 4, Casa Grande 0

PREDICTION: Petaluma 3, (at) Healdsburg 2