Is this game really "beautiful"? & Friday's (9/19) predictions

Some observations along the way of this year’s high school season:

– As usual, it’s not really the “beautiful game” at the beginning of the season. This is the ultimate team sport and if you love soccer you know that’s true. So, it takes time for a team to jell, to get to know each other, to anticipate moves rather than wait for them to happen. Only problem? By the time most high school teams figure it out, puff, the season is over…

– Discipline. The best teams are the most disciplined. Oh, talent helps, but give me a coach who’s in charge and strict from the first day of practice and I’ll take that team over one with more talent on paper.

– Yes, it makes for a smoother, truer playing surface, but I still like grass fields over artificial surfaces.

– Officiating? Lots of complaints. No surprise there. Just so they control the game and understand the high school rules and are consistent that’s all you can ask. Cut them some slack.

– Is Windsor quietly building a soccer powerhouse – men’s and women’s teams? The men are at the top of the SCL and the women are on a four-game win streak…

– Great women’s game the other night when Casa visited Petaluma. Too bad the crowd wasn’t any bigger.

– Carrillo head coach Mike Mastin predicts the winner of the men’s North Bay League title will probably lose 2-3 games in league. He might be right. Could be the same on the women’s side. And maybe the Sonoma County League won’t be much different. Parity…it’s a good thing.

Friday’s (9/19) Predictions

Women’s games

PREDICTION: (at) Maria Carrillo 8, Elsie Allen 0
FINAL: Maria Carrillo 9, Elsie Allen 0

PREDICTION: Montgomery 7, (at) Piner 0

PREDICTION: Rancho Cotate 3, (at) Santa Rosa 2 (OT)
FINAL: Santa Rosa 2, Rancho Cotate 1

PREDICTION: (at) Ursuline 4, Ukiah 0
FINAL: Ursuline 8, Ukiah 0

PREDICTION: Analy (at) Sonoma Valley 3, Analy 0
FINAL: Sonoma Valley 1, Analy 0

PREDICTION: Casa Grande 3, Windsor 0
FINAL: Casa Grande 2, Windsor 0