Ursuline forfeits; Game of the Year candidate; Tuesday's (9/23) predicts

You can now turn your attention to the Cardinal Newman soccer/football field for the best game – so far – of the season on Wednesday night – Ursuline vs. Montgomery, 7 p.m.
That’s No. 1 (Monty) vs. No. 2 (Ursu) in the most recent PD Soccer rankings.
Even with a lot less talent than in previous season, the Montgomery Vikings are steamrolling along with a 6-1 record and an obvious No. 1 billing.
The Ursuline Bears, No. 2?
Well, at first blush that 2-3 record seems a bit off-center for such a lofty perch, but there is a reason.
Three of those defeats came in the past few days when Bears’ coach John Gilson was notified that he had played an ineligible player in the first three games of the season.
Seems a sophomore, whose name he couldn’t divulge, hadn’t completed all the necessary paperwork and it was an administrative error.
“Fortunately, we got it cleared up before the Santa Rosa game,” Gilson said. “It was just a clerical mistake on our part and it cost us. Actually, we had lost one of the three game (to Petaluma) anyway.”
So, now on the record books Ursuline will have 1-0 defeats to Petaluma, Eureka and Maria Carrillo. The loss to the Pumas might be the one that could make a profound difference in the Bears’ season as it was a league encounter and a Bears’ won.
“She (the player who was ineligible) probably only played about 10 minutes in each of those games,” Gilson said. “But we learned a lesson. She did nothing wrong, we did.”
Wednesday’s game should be a very good one and it’s certainly worthy of your attendance.

Tuesday’s (9/23) Predictions


PREDICTION: Santa Rosa 2, (at) Cardinal Newman 1
FINAL: Santa Rosa 4, Cardinal Newman 1

PREDICTION: Elsie Allen 3, (at) Rancho Cotate 1
FINAL: Elsie Allen 3, Rancho Cotate 1

PREDICTION: Maria Carrillo 4, (at) Piner 1
FINAL: Maria Carrillo 8, Piner 2

PREDICTION: Montgomery 3, (at) Ukiah 2
FINAL: Montgomery 2, Ukiah 0

PREDICTION: Analy 4, (at) El Molino 3
FINAL: Analy 1, El Molino 0

PREDICTION: (at) Sonoma Valley 4, Healdsburg 1
FINAL: Sonoma Valley 3, Healdsburg 0

PREDICTION: Windsor 3, (at) Petaluma 1
FINAL: Windsor 3, Petaluma 0