Why Vikings/Bears clash is such a big deal; Wednesday's (9/24) predictions

So, why is Wednesday night’s Montgomery at Ursuline game so important? Probably because it is going to set the tone for the rest of the North Bay League season.
If the Vikings can win on the road they’ll have a huge psychological advantage. Over the past few seasons it was Montgomery’s talent. Now that talent has thinned out, but it certainly hasn’t disappeared. The defense is the team’s strength, but the Vikings still need to get offensive punch from Selam Solomon. Being surrounded by incredible talent in the past, she flourished. Now the opposition knows who they need to stop to slow down the Vikings…and it’s Selam.
Tonight won’t be a decent test for her, it’ll be a great one.
Ursuline, on the other hand, has a simple plan – Tognetti all the time. Christina might be the best player around here this year, but it’s still way too early to tell. There is a formidable Montgomery defense waiting for her tonight. How she responds will determine how far the Bears will go this season.


Just in case you were wondering, the Sonoma Valley/Casa Grande game of Sept. 11 still isn’t over. Although the Dragons are leading 3-2 in overtime, there are still 14 minutes left to play.
“The refs thought it was a golden goal rule so they ended the game,” Sonoma Valley coach Pedro Merino said. “But it wasn’t. So we still had 14 minutes left on the clock and we are trying to come up with a date that is suitable to everyone to finish the game.”

Wednesday’s (9/24) Predictions

Men’s Game

PREDICTION: Analy 2, (at) Petaluma 1
FINAL: Analy 1, Petaluma 0

Women’s Games

PREDICTION: (at) Piner 3, Elsie Allen 0
FINAL: Piner 2, Elsie Allen 1

PREDICTION: Maria Carrillo 3 (at) Rancho Cotate 2

PREDICTION: Santa Rosa 3 (at) Ukiah 0
FINAL: Santa Rosa 7, Ukiah 0

PREDICTION: Montgomery 2, (at) Ursuline 1
FINAL: Montgomery 3, Ursuline 1

PREDICTION: (at) Analy 4, El Molino 0
FINAL: Analy 3, El Molino 2

PREDICTION: Sonoma Valley 4, (at) Healdsburg 1
FINAL: Sonoma Valley 4, Healdsburg 1

PREDICTION: Petaluma 2 (at) Windsor 0