Balance in the NBL; Friday's (9/26) predictions

In the beginning the North Bay League men’s race was supposedly Maria Carrillo and then everyone else.

Not so.

Hard to tell who is the best NBL team right now. Just might be Santa Rosa over the long haul. For one game, you couldn’t count out Elsie Allen. For pure talent it’s still the Pumas. Montgomery has the ability, but do the Vikings have the focus? Cardinal Newman is just getting better with every game. No one ever wants to play at Ukiah because the Wildcats aren’t easy to beat up there. And Piner and Rancho Cotate aren’t pushovers at home either.

So, take your pick…

Predictions for Friday’s (9/26) Games

Women’s Games

PREDICTION: (at) Rancho Cotate 6, Piner 0

PREDICTION: Ursuline 8, (at) Elsie Allen 0

PREDICTION: (at) Maria Carrillo 3, Santa Rosa 1
FINAL: Santa Rosa 2, Maria Carrillo 1

PREDICTION: Casa Grande 3, (at) Healdsburg 0
FINAL: Casa Grande 5, Healdsburg 0

PREDICTION: (at) Petaluma 3, Analy 2
FINAL: Petaluma 2, Analy 1

PREDICTION: Sonoma Valley 4, (at) El Molino 2
FINAL: Sonoma Valley 7, El Molino 0

FINAL: Alta, Utah 4, Montgomery 2