Kudos to Ukiah; Monday's (9/29) prediction

Props must go to Ukiah High for trying to generate more community interest in soccer.

For starters, the Wildcats have switched the game time of Saturday’s contest with Cardinal Newman to a night game (6 p.m.).

“We are trying to promote soccer as another spectator sport for
Ukaih High School,” said Wildcat coach Jack Murphy. “In this town, kids are sitting home playing on the computer and punching keyboards. Why not offer another constructive evening event on the weekends?

“We have a large community here that doesn’t follow football so evening soccer games could be a terrific money-maker for the school.”

Plus it’ll promote the sport, it’ll get the kids out of the house and the real futbol will be on display.

Just imagine how great it’ll be one day when the Wildcats are playing in January aiming for a spot in the CIF state championship game!

Monday’s (9/29) prediction

Women’s games

PREDICTION: (at) Montgomery 6, Ukiah 0

FINAL: Petaluma 2, Windsor 1