Can you say 3-way tie?; Tuesday's (9/30) predictions

OK, I’ll make it easy on you this week, here are the rankings. But for more you’ll have to look at PDPreps and the thread here that gives you (finally) all the scores, schedules and standings up-to-date. I hope you pardon the interruption in that service.
By the way, I know that the NCS won’t count the results of the preseason Piner Tournament, but we will.
As much as the SoccerBlog disdains ties, there really was no way around it. Do I think they are all bona fide No. 1s? Actually, yes, especially as I watch them progress as the season moves along.
And do I think there are other teams who could make life interesting for the big three? Yes – Santa Rosa, Maria Carrillo and Sonoma Valley for starters.
Face it, we are long way from declaring an NCS champion.

On the men’s side, Carrillo still is the best but that gap, as Elsie Allen clearly showed last week, is narrowing. Windsor is very legitimate, Santa Rosa might have the most talent and don’t overlook Sonoma Valley by any means.



1. Maria Carrillo (7-0-3)
2. Windsor (9-0-3)
3. Montgomery (7-3-1)
4. Santa Rosa (6-1)
5. Analy (9-3-3)


1. Casa Grande (10-1)
1. Montgomery (9-2)
1. Petaluma (9-3)
4. Santa Rosa (8-2)
5. Sonoma Valley (7-5-1)

NOTE: For complete standings, schedules and scores of all NBL and SCL men’s and women’s team go to the Soccer Blog on PDPreps.

Tuesday’s (9/30) predictions

Men’s games

PREDICTION: (at) Cardinal Newman 3, Rancho Cotate 0
FINAL: Cardinal Newman 3, Rancho Cotate 2

PREDICTION: (at) Santa Rosa 3, Montgomery 2
FINAL: Montgomery 2, Santa Rosa 1

PREDICTION: Elsie Allen 4, (at) Piner 2
FINAL: Elsie Allen 7, Piner 2

PREDICTION: (at) Maria Carrillo 6, Ukiah 0
FINAL: Maria Carrillo 1, Ukiah 0

PREDICTION: Analy 2, (at) Casa Grande 1
FINAL: Analy 3, Casa Grande 1

PREDICTION: (at) Petaluma 3, El Molino 2
FINAL: Petaluma 2, El Molino 0

PREDICTION: (at) Windsor 5, Healdsburg 1
FINAL: Windsor 1, Healdsburg 0