Sorry about that NBL; Friday's (10/03) predictions

First, I would like to apologize to the rest of the North Bay League men’s teams for awakening the giant that is within the Maria Carrillo Pumas. Seems that at least some of the Pumas took offense to the prediction that Montgomery would beat them Thursday night, so they took it out on the outmanned Vikings, 5-0.
Carrillo does have the entire package – speed, skills, offense, defense, experience. But, and this is a huge but, they are beatable. Why?
Here are a few reasons:
– Ego: they better find a way to keep it in check;
– Leadership: like Thursday night, it needs to continue;
– Competition: maybe not great, but much better across the NBL board than it was a year ago;
– Scoreboard: don’t be fooled by the Monty score. The Vikings were without a couple of key defenders. That wasn’t the same Viking team that lost to the Pumas, 2-0, in a preseason tournament.
The Pumas are a very good team, worthy of being ranked No. 1 and deserving of being unbeaten, but what they need now more than anything is focus. Elsie and Rosa and Newman was waiting in the weeds for them and come NCS time there are some SCL and Marin teams who aren’t in the slightest bit intimidated.

Friday’s (Oct. 3) predictions

Women’s games

PREDICTION: (at) Montgomery 4, Santa Rosa 0
FINAL: Montgomery 4, Santa Rosa 0

PREDICTION: Maria Carrillo 6, (at) Piner 0
FINAL: Maria Carrillo 5, Piner 0

PREDICTION: (at) Ursuline 3, Rancho Cotate 1
FINAL: Ursuline 5, Rancho Cotate 1

PREDICTION: Ukiah 4, (at) Elsie Allen 0
FINAL: Elsie Allen 1, Ukiah 0

PREDICTION: Petaluma 3, (at) Sonoma Valley 1
FINAL: Sonoma Valley 3, Petaluma 1

PREDICTION: (at) Windsor 2, Analy 1
FINAL: Windsor 5, Analy 0

PREDICTION: (at) Casa Grande 5, El Molino 0
FINAL: Casa Grande 7, El Molino 0

Men’s Game

FINAL: (at) Healdsburg 2, Petaluma 0

Saturday’s (10/4) Men’s game

FINAL: Cardinal Newman 3, Ukiah 1