Ursuline's big chance; Friday's (10/17) predictions


Now the focus shifts to the Ursuline Bears. If they can take a 1-2 punch and survive against Montgomery (Friday) and Santa Rosa (Saturday) then we truly may be witnessing a changing of the guard in the North Bay League.
If the Bears can somehow pull off an upset today at Valhalla, they should win on Saturday at home against the Panthers. But a win today will be difficult.
First, Monty is coming off an unexpected loss at Maria Carrillo…so the Vikes won’t be in a very good mood.
Second, Monty is very difficult to beat on their home turf.
Third, that home turf … it’s artificial and Monty’s speed and skills are only magnified on that surface as opposed to natural grass at Carrillo or Ursuline.
Fourth, the Vikings have already won at Ursuline (3-1, on Sept. 24).
Fifth, it certainly is a game worthy of your attention and attendance.

Friday’s (10/17) predictions

Women’s games

PREDICTION: (at) Montgomery 2, Ursuline 1
FINAL: Montgomery 1, Ursuline 0

PREDICTION: (at) Elsie Allen 2, Piner 1
FINAL: Piner 4, Elsie Allen 1

PREDICTION: (at) Maria Carrillo 4, Rancho Cotate 0
FINAL: Maria Carrillo 5, Rancho Cotate 0

PREDICTION: Analy 3, (at) El Molino 1
FINAL: El Molino 2, Analy 1

PREDICTION: (at) Sonoma Valley 3, Healdsburg 0
FINAL: Sonoma Valley 4, Healdsburg 0

PREDICTION: Windsor 2, (at) Petaluma 2 (OT)
FINAL: Petaluma 2, Windsor 1