Latest rankings; Tuesday's (10/28) predictions

The SCL has completed its regular season.

This week it’s the NBL’s turn. You are encouraged to attend a game or three. For a majority of the players it will be their last time on the pitch this season and they deserve your support.

Seeding meetings are Sunday. But in the meantime, for all the teams that won’t be heading to the postseason, go and watch them play one last time. And to all those players we can only say – “Well done…”

Large-school Men

1. Maria Carrillo (15-0-3)
Pumas tested by Monty & Newman this week.
2. Windsor (14-0-4)
Tested, but still undefeated.
3. Sonoma Valley (12-3-5)
Like almost every season, Dragons are ready.
4. Analy (16-4-3)
Tigers ready, finished season with 5 Ws.
5. Montgomery (14-4-1)
Vikes got a taste of playoffs Tuesday night.


6. Elsie Allen
7. Cardinal Newman
8. Santa Rosa
9. Casa Grande
10. Petaluma
11. Healdsburg
12. Ukiah
13. El Molino
14. Rancho Cotate
15. Piner


Large-school Women

1. Casa Grande (16-1)
Gauchos may play an extra game this week vs. SA.
2. Montgomery (16-3)
Fun match vs. SR this week.
3. Maria Carrillo (14-5)
Peaking at the right time?.
4. Santa Rosa (13-4)
Tough loss to Pumas, can Panthers rebound?
5. Petaluma (13-5)
Trojans hope playoff time is their time.


6. Ursuline
7. Sonoma Valley
8. Rancho Cotate
9. Windsor
10. Analy
11. El Molino
12. Piner
13. Healdsburg
14. Ukiah
15. Elsie Allen


Tuesday’s predictions

Men’s Games

PREDICTION: (at) Cardinal Newman 3, Ukiah 1
FINAL: Ukiah 2, Cardinal Newman 0 (OT)

PREDICTION: (at) Maria Carrillo 4, Montgomery 2
FINAL: Maria Carrillo 3, Montgomery 2 (OT)

PREDICTION: (at) Rancho Cotate 3, Piner 2
FINAL: Piner 3, Rancho Cotate 2 (OT)

PREDICTION: Elsie Allen 3, (at) Santa Rosa 2
FINAL: Elsie Allen 2, Santa Rosa 0